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Working groups have been created

In the framework of the Project: “House of Support – Services for dignified life of elderly in Georgia and BiH” working groups have been created in both of the municipalities.

first meetings have been held in Dmanisi on 10 th of March and in Gori on 18th of March. Working groups are temporary bodies which have been created based on the cooperation memorandum between Gori and Dmanisi municipality city halls.

The aim of the working group is to support the service implementation of the homecare services offered by the project and to hold the discussions regarding elderly with the municipality and the civil society.

The working group works as a status of reference and their activity is based on the principles of cooperation and mutual respect . Working group consists of 13 members and is going to work before December 31st, 2021.

The developed model is well rooted in international best practices and Austrian profound knowledge in integrated home care services that is systematically shared by Hilfswerk Austria with its project partners. The project is also closely interlinked with the ADA-financed business partnership “House of Support – Elderly Homecare Sustainable Service Provision in BiH” (2020-2022)


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