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Project: "House of Support" - branch managers have been selected in Dmanisi and Gori

Ia Zubashvili, Gori.

A number of charitable organizations have been serving social field by organizing different types of activities for years, however, it is noteworthy that during long-term functioning majority of these organizations suffer from the lack of qualified personnel, since professional qualification requires suitable funding. Therefore, a lot of organizations choose to hire low paid specialists, as a result of which their programs become monotonous and static, which further indicates the vague future of the beneficiaries of the programs and related services. For healthy functioning and viability of the program, it is important to determine the availability of multifunctional services by setting minimum financial quotas that are acceptable to both service users and service providers. The same approach should be applied to finding a midpoint for engaging highly qualified specialists and their interest (e.g. flexible schedule and other contributing factors determine high standards of services provided by qualified specialists, etc.)

Business ideas that rely on social contexts are less developed in Georgia, since social field is believed to be less profitable and those ideas are assigned to humanitarian qualification as a result of stereotypical thinking. Based on that, it is important for a healthy functioning and viability of the program to find ways and express ideas, which will contribute to merging of commerce and social field rather than opposing each other. It is preferred to conduct a survey, announce competition of ideas or conduct other similar activities which will reveal integral approaches for commercial ideas. Apart from the retrieved resources, is required to consider community opportunities and their involvement in the support for people using services contemplating their skills and financial and mental support. It is important to contribute to the popularization of this idea, since the perception of the issue is very poor among communities, however, potential is real in case of determining priorities (e.g. by working with students, connections and conducting different various activities).

Ekaterine Okriashvili, Dmanisi.

Conducting the project (piloting it) is crucial for Dmanisi Municipality, because the services considered within the project are not available for Dmanisi to these days and elderly people with various needs face real and intensified problems. I believe that the services considered within the project will motivate members of vulnerable groups, increase their self-confidence and will contribute to “awakening” of their capabilities. They will be happier without having the feeling of being abandoned.

The developed model is well rooted in international best practices and Austrian profound knowledge in integrated home care services that is systematically shared by Hilfswerk Austria with its project partners. The project is also closely interlinked with the ADA-financed business partnership “House of Support – Elderly Homecare Sustainable Service Provision in BiH” (2020-2022)


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