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Disinfection works

IDP Women Association “Consent” together with Agency on IDPs, Ecomigrants and livelihoods continue to conduct disinfection works in IDP centers in Shida Kartli

November 22 started disinfection was conducted together with Agency of IDP in the centers with high risk of COVID 19 epidemic. Disinfection works are conducted by Head of IDP WA Consent office in Shida Kartli, Nr. Hvtiso Lobjanidze, in cooperation with Representative of Shida KArtli department of Agency Mr. Otar Sroseli.

The first object was G. Antsukhelidze settlement, with high number of IDP families in four 10-store buildings.However, we managed to disinfect only one building because the disinfection equipment was damaged. On November 23-24, the equipment was repaired, and on November 25, together with the "Agency", we continued to disinfect the facilities.

On November 25, the following IDP collective centers were disinfected:

- The remaining 3 buildings in G. Antsukhelidze settlement.

Blood transfusion center.

"Military" building of Karaleti IDP settlement

Disinfected on November 26:

- Former MIA building

Former # 2- # 3 and # 7 kindergartens. Spent:

850 liters of disinfectant solution. (85 tablets)

12 liters of gasoline.

400 liters of disinfectant stock are left.

Disinfection works will continue from November 30.

It is planned to disinfect the “Studbina” and “Narkologiuri” IDP collective centers.

Activities are being implemented within the framework of project “Together for our rights” supported by German organization “Bread for the World”


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