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IDP Women Association “Consent’s” Statement Regarding the Ongoing Processes in Gugutiantkari

IDP Women Association “Consent” expresses its concern over the ongoing developments taking place in the village of Gugutiantkari in Guri municipality. The Association has been working for many years and is trying in different ways to help the population of this village, who lived in the extremely difficult socio-economic conditions even before the recent events.

It is of the utmost importance for the Association that the safety is protected for each person living along the dividing line.

The Association condemns the fact of borderization. During these difficult times, it is necessary that civil society is informed in a timely and comprehensive manner regarding the ongoing processes in Gugutiantkari and the steps that the government is planning to take in order to ensure the human security of the people living in this region.

Within the framework of the Association project, Localization Working Group of Resolution 1325 created in Gori municipality, which discussed the human rights problems of women and girls at an emergency meeting, supported the Association’s statement.

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