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Training in Borjomi

On august 17-18 in the framework of the project "together for our rights"(supported by German organization Brot fur die Welt) the training was conducted by IDP women association "Consent" , with the participation of the local women leaders, gori city hall and the representatives of the conflict dividing line villages. Taking into consideration the fact that this project is aimed on the strengthening of local municipalities, the training was conducted according to the local action plan and aimed to raise the awareness of the participants on their rights, obligations and the importance of being involved. First day of the training was conducted according to the following slogan : "you spend each day of your life in the environment in which the obligation of the local government is to take care of it" The second day was entirely dedicated to gender topic. The trainings were conducted by Julia Kharashvili, Marina Pochkhua, and Nana Gogokhia on the following topics: essence of gender, gender stereotypes, gender equality mechanisms, local gender policies

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