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Meeting in Borjomi

IDP Women Association "Consent" is continuing working in the framework of the project "Women and girls for the better future" with the resolution 1325 localization working group created in Gori municipality. On august 16th, 2019 , the one day meeting was conducte in Borjomi where problems existing regarding the rights of women and girls were discussed. A lot of time was spent on discussing the latest events happening in village Gugutiaantkari (Gori municipality) Association has been working many years and now is trying to help the population of the abovementioned village which had a very tough social and economical situation even before the latest events happening. That's why it is very important for the association to ensure the safety of every person that currently lives in the conflict dividing line villages. Future working plans and opportunities of the group were discussed on the meeting to make sure that the population is informed regarding the ongoing events and the steps that the government is planning to take in this region for the safety of the people. Statement protesting the borderisation was created by the working group.

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