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Support for Localization NAP Resolution 1325 in the regions of Georgia

Continues the project “"Strengthening the capacities of the regional and local administrations in the processes of Localization of the National Action Plan (NAP) UNHCR 1325 and enhancing the dialogue and participation of women, including the most marginalized in those processes", which is implemented by NGO Coalition: IDP Women's Association "Consent", Women's Information Center and Cultural-Humanitarian Fund "Sokhumi".

In January 2019, the Women's Association "Consent" in three target municipalities (Kaspi - 28, Kareli - 29 and Gori - 25) were held meetings with members of the working groups where are gathered representatives of city halls, city councils, local NGOs and population. The main purpose of work on all three locations was to involve the real needs of women and girls affected by the conflict in municipal plans. The project is funded by the UN Women and the US Department of State.

On 29-31st January of 2019 the association "Consent" participated in the meeting held within the framework of EU project "European Union for Gender Equality". The aim of the meeting was to prepare the Gender Equality Action Plan 2020-2022 for the Gori Municipality, taking into account the proposals developed by the Working Group established by the municipality and with the municipality. On the meeting they also worked on the gender equality action plan 2019, to be approved in March. By the proposal of the Association, the proposals of the Working Group on UN resolution 1325 to be implemented at the local level have been excepted.

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