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Support for Localization NAP Resolution 1325 in the regions of Georgia

In January 2019, ended the project "Support for Localization Action Plan (NAP) of UNSC Resolution 1325 in the regions of Georgia". It was implemented by the Women's Association "Consent" within the framework of a joint project with "Regional Platform of peacebuilders" and Armenian Organization "Women for Development".

The project was launched in September, 2018, the aim was to increase the awareness of the population affected by conflict, particularly the high school students and teachers, about "women, peace and security" agenda. The beneficiaries were teachers and senior pupils of 4 municipalities of Georgia: Kazreti, Gardabani, Gremiskhevi and Mereti. Information meetings were held in all four locations, was studied their needs, trainings took place in regions and in Tbilisi. On "Conflict, Prevention and Management Tools" was used training module prepared by the Armenian colleagues, which is approved in 600 schools in Armenia and is recommended by the Ministry of Education of Armenia as a mandatory training module for non-formal education in schools. In late December a joint round table with the beneficiaries and the Ministry of Education was held, where it was possible to get feedback from teachers on the pilot peace education; The representatives of the Ministry listened to the main problems and needs of the teachers, jointly discussed how to resolve these problems in the field of civil and peace education.

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