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Training on “Advocacy”

On October 31st , 2017 , in Tetritskaro district, village Tsintskaro in the framework of the association Brot fur die Welt ’s project a training on “advocacy” was conducted (trainer Marina Pochkhua) for the representatives of the local community. 12 participants, only female, have attended the training. Community’s problems were named: water problems, central and small roads are damaged, they have a kindergarten but they don’t have a special group for children under age of 3. They also don’t have road signs and Speed bumps next to schools, no trash cans outdoors, no small public gardens and no place for dancing classes. Housing is also a big problem for the community. Participants were uninformed about several topics/issues: IDP’s housing, privatization and etc. According to them they write letters to the MRA but unfortunately they can’t get a reply and they also can’t meet the decision makers at MRA. Consultation meetings and trainings were planned in the framework of the leaders’ academy of the association on the following topics: leadership, visa liberalization, migration, prevention of domestic violence, conflicts and it’s management. Training participants were very actively involved in the process.

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