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Second Revision of OSCE Gender Action Plan in Vienna

On July 11-12 in Vienna was held Second Revision of OSCE Gender Action Plan in Vienna. On one panel of the conference – “Emerged Issues”, Ms. Iulia Kharashvili, chairperson of IDP Women Association “Consent” delivered a speech. In her speech Ms. Kharashvilli mentioned that Georgia is one of the successful countries, because it has 1325 and Gender Equality Action Plans. But in whole region still there are problems: 1. there is no regional mechanism, which accordingly does not allow us to consider jointly women’s and girls’ human security issues. 2. Women working in peace dialogue and confidence building, especially ones at community level do not have some status to be protected, it is also recommendation of Global Study – “women in peace building should be seen as HR defenders, and correspondingly be protected”. 3. OSCE can help with rising of women-mediators, as OSCE have very good course on mediation and have good specialists – “we need to foster mediators as at high level – for participation in negotiation as well as in community level – to participation in women’s peace dialogue, to be in community mediation and prevention of violence against women”. 4. As nowadays OSCE does not have field missions in South Caucasus, it is necessary to held OSCE visits in order to monitor the implementation of Gender and 1325 action plans.

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