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In the 18-th October, in the framework of the project “Developing Inovative Solutions for Conflict Affected Communities”, the Association “Consent” conducted 2 day-training on Violence in Tskaltubo. Participants were students of the first public school in Tskaltubo. Trainers: Lali Shengelia and Leila Ashordia. Training was attended by 10 girls and 5 boys. After training, students told stories about violence in families that have heard or knew. They admitted that this year there are much more facts of violence than the previous years. They worked in groups on the causes of violence. More important things were stood out: families - created without love, unemployment, jealousness (distrust); men under the influence of drugs and alcohol. During discussion, it was suggested that it is important to change the laws, tightening of the law.

The following recommendations were created

  • To conduct more trainings on this topic

  • To establish healthy life-style, protection of environment

  • To hold an action/movement against violence

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