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On February, 9, the Association of IDP Women “Consent” had organized meeting with Ergneti community. The meeting was organized on the request from community activists and covered two topics: Government new initiative concerning land plots registration and coming village meetings to define the community priority for Village development Fund.

Concerning the latter, the information to community members was provided by Ms. Marina Pochkhua. She informed the participants of this meeting about importance of community participation, also about the main requirements and procedures of the program. Ms. Pochkhua stressed how important will be to have leaders able to communicate with the local authorities concerning village priorities.

Ms. Ketevan Bebiashvili, Head of Shida Kartli office of GYLA who was invited according to the community request, have detailed explanation of new initiative and spoke about lands privatization, legalization and generally, about registration procedures. Ms. Bebiashvili explained what kind of documents are necessary for land registration. She received many questions and provided answer, as publically, as well as individually.

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