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On January 18, 2016, the annual meeting of IDPWA was conducted in Tbilisi. The annual meeting brought together 28 members of the organization across all regional divisions (Zugdidi, Tskhaltubo, Gori, Nikozi, Gardabani) and the central office in Tbilisi. office. During the meeting, a short report about the activities of the IDPWA was presented by the Association Chair person, Ms. Julia Kharashvili and Coordinators of projects. During 2015, the Association worked on seven projects. , some of them were completed in 2015, some are ongoing. The following projects have been implemented by the IDPWA: 1) Developing innovative solutions for conflict affected communities (supported by Bread for the World, 2013 – 2016) 2) Step by Step to better future (HILFSWERK Austria International/EU, 2014-2016) 3) Improving socio-economic situation of conflict affected population through creation of social enterprises (supported ASB/ZIVIK, 2015) 4) Assisting others – assist yourself (UN Women/EU, 2014/2015) 5) Reintegration of migrants through support of business projects (OFII/EU, 2011-2015) 6) We can achieve it (Sinergy/Embassy of UK in Georgia 2014/2015) 7) Sustainable integration of IDPs in Georgia The report covered a wide range of activities, including advocacy, training, social/medical/psychological rehabilitation, juridical and social consultations, women’s empowerment, informal education, cultural and sport events in communities, leadership training and building cooperation with the local and central government. Representatives of the regional branches and CBOs added concrete achievements and details to the report. Subsequently, the members of organization discussed the main priorities for 2016. The regional representatives were asked to discuss with their communities and submit to Head office the list of requested trainings. the meeting participants paid tribute to two members of the Association Board, Ms. Liana Beria and Ms. Tsitsino Grdzelishvili, who passed away in previous year. It was decided that the organization will conduct a special event in April dedicated to their memory. The meeting also confirmed two new elected members of the Board, Mr. Iason Kvantaliani and Ms. Ketevan Bebiashvili. The Board currently consists of 5 members: Mr. Iason Kvantaliani, Ms. Iulia Kharashvili, Ms. Ketevan Bebiashvili, Ms. Marina Pochkhua, Ms. Tina Chaligava. It also established Ms. Julia Kharashvili, the organization’s chair person as the official representative of the IDPWA. Since the last time the Statute of IDPWA was renewed was in 2009 and many subsequent changes have been introduced in organization work and structure it was decided that a new Statute will be prepared by the Board and presented for the approval to the Association meeting within 4 months from the annual meeting day.

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