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On October 29-30, in the framework of the project “Developing Inovative Solutions for Conflict Affected Communities” was held training on women’s rights. Training was conducted in Tskaltybo and Zugdidi offices. This training was attended by women from Ingiri, Zugdidi and tskaltubo. They discussed the following topics: how are shared gender roles in the family and society as a whole. In the 21-st century woman’s role is changing not only in big cities, but also in villages - women are leading and maintaining their families. Many women go abroad and work hard.

The theoretical part of the training was about protection of women’s rights in European countries and in the US since the 18-th century. Was discussed many examples, about gender mainstreaming, about UN resolutions 1325, 1888, 1889, 1960, about “women’s convention” and so on. Afterwards was discussed the action plan 2012-2015, for the implementation of the resolution 1325 in Georgia. We discussed a lot of problems, among them the program of rural development and women’s participation in local government structures.

The Association “Consent” initiated new project: “Helping Others - Assist Yourself”, which is financed by UN Women and European Union. The main goal of the project is – to improve by sustainable way living conditions of IDP women from vulnerable groups through community services, creation of local Action Plan and inclusion of provisions for support of these groups into state policies and strategies. In October was held informational meetings with target communities in: Gardabani, Tskaltubo, Zugdidi (village Ingiri), Gori; in villages: Ergneti, Koshki, Gugutiantkari and Zemo Nikozi.

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